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Your Wellness Celeb Alter Ego is...


Gwyneth Paltrow!

You're a Woke Woman of Wellness! You are on your way to Gwyneth, Goop, status! Like Gwyn, you have probably already given ample time and energy towards finding your best self and ultimate lifestyle. The realization that you and your well-being is the best investment there is has already began to shine within the success of your life. However, you feel as though you need that little extra special something to really launch yourself into a life of full actualization and fulfillment.  You shun all of life’s attempts to throw you into an unhealthy, unsatisfied, and depleted state. You know what you deserve and are relentless to obtain it. 

GO INTO 2019 using all of your strengths and resources to the fullest!

By getting real support from a team of wellness professionals just like a real celebrity! Work with a high level Life Coach IN PERSON for a week to hit the ground running with your next set of achievements. Also get connected to your Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer, Personal Yoga Instructor, and Meditation/Reiki Healer from the comfort of your office or home. So let's level up by getting all your people in your corner and let us do the work that isn't in your job description, so you can flourish and thrive even more. And yeah, you can do it for only $750.00 USD a month.

click the link below

Some of what this includes ::

+ Group Coaching and monthly content to use on the go

1 Week in-person Life Coaching 

6 Full 90 Minute Life Coaching Intensives (post in-person)

6 Goal Setting Sessions w/ Life Coach

6 Nutrition Sessions w/ Registered Dietitian

12 Personal Training Sessions

12 Meditation/Healing Sessions

12 Yoga Classes

VIP Access to Wellness Hub, 28+ Workbooks, & Network

NYC Weekend Retreat

*** plus more bonuses - click the link below ***

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