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Your Wellness Celeb Alter Ego is...

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Zoe Kravitz!

You're a You Do You Kind of Girl! Like Zoe, you are empowered and know the benefits of choosing yourself first!  And you are probably someone very self aware and eager to jump into the world of health and wellness. Regardless of what life has to throw at you, you are someone that’s determined to unlock their fullest potential. You're ready to utilize the resources around you to sit down and lay out exactly what your goals are in order to cultivate the health, happiness, and abundance you've been working towards!


By getting real support from a team of wellness professionals just like a real celebrity! Start working with a Life Coach, Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer, Personal Yoga Instructor, and your very own Meditation Instructor for only $350.00 USD a month.

click the link below

Some of what this includes ::

+ Group Coaching and monthly content to use on the go 

6 Goal Setting Sessions w/ Life Coach

6 Nutrition Sessions w/ Registered Dietitian

12 Personal Training Sessions

12 Meditation/Healing Sessions

12 Yoga Classes

*** plus more bonuses - click the link below ***

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