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Here's to all the Mom's!

WE BACK!!! Yes, I know... It's been a minute since our last post but we've been planning out future content and putting together some pretty incredible corporate wellness workshops behind the scenes. Plus, we know there are so many other incredible wellness brands out there who we're confident took care of you while we took a social media hiatus.

With that being said, this week's Working Women and Wellness Spotlight is a shoutout for all the Mamas! We have been friends with Iza for quite some time (our Founder Trish Golderer and her used to work for the same company)! And, although we miss her here in Philly, we still keep in touch with all the goodness she's spreading on the West Coast.

Meet Iza Thiago! She has her BSc in Physical Education and Exercise Science, MA in Nutrition Education with a focus on Wellness, and is a Certified Nutritionist. She's been working in the health and wellness industry for over 10 years and loves supporting and educating people through lifestyle changes. Iza told us that "Becoming a parent almost 3 years ago ignited my passion for building community and being part of support networks for new families. I love learning and talking about the maternal and child dyad and how amazing our bodies are at creating, growing, and nurturing our little ones. After taking a break in my career, I decided to go back to the books and redirect my trajectory to help parents live their best healthy lives." Take a peek at how she manages her wellness in this latest interview!

1. What's most important to your wellbeing?

- "I'm very mindful when adding anything to my routine... I hate doing things only because someone told me "it was good for me". I really need to enjoy it, otherwise I lose interest pretty fast."

2. What's non-negotiable in your daily routine?

- "Sleep. I'm the crankiest person around if I don't sleep well."

3. What's your go-to snack?

- "I love apples with nut butter. Costco's organic mixed nut (+ seeds) butter is my favorite. I add a drizzle of honey on the butter if I'm in the mood for something sweeter."

4. When are you the most productive or creative in the day?

- "I'm usually my best self in the morning. Bonus points if I manage to fit in a workout first thing in the day."

5. Biggest life lesson you've learned so far?

- "I think this whole past year's been a huge lesson for all of us. We're all looking inwards a bit more and figuring out what works and what we just should let go of our lives. Being around my little family (husband + toddler + pup) 24/7 made me love even more everything about them (even the things that drive me crazy lol). Not being able to travel to see our family and friends in Philly, Brazil and Chile made me more grateful for having amazing people in our lives to look forward to see. The lesson was that we should keep closer what we love and let the wind blow all we don't need."

6. Who's your role model?

- "My parents taught and encouraged me to go after the things I wanted and are always a FaceTime call away if I need advice. I hope I can do the same for my daughter."

7. What keeps you energized or optimistic?

- "Being around awesome people trying to make the world a better place, babies, puppies... "

8. What do you value most about the work you do?

- "Connecting with people and sharing knowledge and experiences."

9. How do you like to set goals for yourself? What goal(s) are you working towards right now?

- "I love the process of putting together a vision board. I usually start choosing a tarot card, then cut up images and set intentions for the season that's to come. Right now I'm working on officially launching my business and my website in March 2021."

10. Please share one of your top Character Strengths:

- "One of my strengths is Love of Learning. I just simply love reading and learning about new things. I'm currently studying for 2 certifications (Lamaze Birth Educator and Lactation Consultant)."

11. Lastly, we couldn't resist asking for a shameless plug! lol. Please share one of your favorite guilty pleasures that's gotten you through this pandemic!?

- "My husband and I love watching Sitcoms. The Office, Friends, Parks and Rec are always on our TV rotation."

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