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I am someone who knows how to get what she wants out of life!

And I am here to tell you it doesn't have to come from kissing ass, being miserable for 10 years, or sacrificing everything that is important to you. You can have everything you want and I am going to help you get it! Call it manifestation, call it putting good vibes into the universe, call it whatever you want, but I call it a mindset! A mindset that will allow you to thrive and love every bit of your life!

Things I am.

I am an east coast girl with a Californian soul. I am a wife to the best husband, I am a cat mom to the cutest Scottish-Fold, I am 1 of 4 sisters, a godmother to the sweetest little boy,  and a forever grateful daughter to the most devoted parents. I am a graduate of La Salle University with my degree in Psychology. I am on track to receive my Masters in Positive Psychology from UPenn. I am a certified Life Coach. I am a snowboarder. I am a creative. I am a problem solver. I am a "people watcher" lol. I am a loyal friend. I am fun. I am caring. I am strong. But most of all...I am a foodie and an ice cream fiend! lol

Things I am not.

I am not perfect. I am not a licensed therapist who can diagnose you. I am not going to let you walk this path alone. I am not someone who accepts no for an answer. I am not someone who can ignore a cute or funny animal post. I am not going to preach at you. I am not inconsiderate of your feelings. And lastly, I am not going to give up on you during this journey!

About the logo behind True You's mission.

I am SO EXCITED to bring you the new logo for True You!!! Pineapples have always had a significance in my Life! Aside from the pineapple being my favorite fruit, growing up in an Irish American family, my mother always had pineapple relics around the house. Throughout history, pineapples have been a symbol of luxurious sweet fruit for royalty, a symbol of welcome and hospitality, and of good well-being. Which is why I am so excited to invite you to the True You community that embodies all of these things with good health, happiness, and luxury!

Hi! My name is Trish and I am the CEO and Life Coach at True You Health Solutions. 

True You is a virtual wellness center where all of your health and happiness dreams come true! Being able to work with top wellness professional wherever you go is so luxe livin', I just can't contain myself whenever I talk about it! I started this company because I believe there is a better solution for women who are killing it in their careers but still want to make all the other aspects of their lives just as important.

As a woman in today's world,

I know there are many hats we need to wear! We have the smart you, the funny you, the successful you, the social you, the assertive you, the polite you, the sexy you, the motherly you, the confident you, and so much more. Prioritizing all of these can be exhausting and frustrating. Let me help you get your spark back and back to living the life you enjoy the most! Let’s rediscover the “True You”! 

But before we start working with one another, I want you to learn a little more about me.

Like most of you, I was in a corporate environment working my way up the ladder and making my mark on this word. But with that hard work ethic, came burn-out, stress, and a loss of connection with the people and things I love. I had this saying by Napoleon Hill, "great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice." stuck in my head. But then I had to stop and think how much sacrifice is too much? Was neglecting my time with my friends and family, not exercising, or eating right, really benefitting me? Is it allowing me to be the best version of myself? When the immediate answer was "NO", that is when I started on my journey towards life balance. I quickly learned that it's not about adding more hours to your day but rather using the hours you have to their utmost capacity. When I finally made having a better work/life balance a priority, everything I wanted (in my job and personal life) was all happening for me without feeling spread too thin.

How True You Health Solutions, LLC was created.

I started my own wellness company at the age of 25 and never looked back. While building out the successful business it is today, I was able to learn and grow within my industry in so many ways. I worked in the corporate health and wellness industry, the dieting industry, and even the holistic wellness industry. I still use all of this knowledge to better define my mission and purpose as a business owner. I wanted to build out a platform unlike anything else out there in the market today. A wellness center right in the palm of your hand! As career-driven women, we are always on the go, and so is True You! I wanted the decision to make your health and happiness a priority one of the easiest decisions you will make all day! 

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