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Q & A

I get it.

You have a lot going on in your life right now and it's hard to make yourself a priority. But, something brought you here in this moment. Something inside of you is desiring to have the ultimate healthy and happy lifestyle. Let me help you address some of your doubts and make the decision to start a little easier.

Why would I need a 6 month program if I am already in a healthy mindset?

I am so pysched that you have done the work to become a healthier and happier you! I know it was not an over night process! But tell me if you relate to this scenario: you are in a good place and starting to make positive change, and then somehow you are all the way back to where you started? You have laid down the foundation and learned the tools to pick yourself back up during the tough times, but now let's make this into a lifestyle! The Healthy, Happy, Life 6 Month Program is designed to make practice become habit! This can only be done by being held accountable for completing our goals on a consistant basis! This program is for those who are ready to take their healthy and happiness to the next level!

"I don't have the time."

Maybe that is the problem! Maybe we are all feeling so strapped for time that we are no longer living the life we desire! One way this program values your time is by providing video or phone consultations. Focus on you! Not the time waisted in traffic! Also, learn the tools to start gaining time to focus on your health and happiness! True You will help you realize what is possible and get back the time that is needed for you!

"I am not ready to commit."

One thing I have learned throughout my life is that, no time is the "right" time. And, I will admit, starting something new and unfamiliar can be scary! Oprah Winfrey said "The thing you fear most has no power. Your fear of it is what has the power. Facing the truth really will set you free." You will become so clear on your ideal healthy and happy lifestyle that any doubt would've seemed silly before! You are not making a commitment to me. You are standing up and saying YES to the queen inside, waiting to be let out!

"I can do it on my own."

YOU GO GIRL!!! But let me ask you one question: How is that going for you? Are you living your life to the fullest? Are you the healthiest and happiest you have ever been? If, the answer is no, THAT'S OKAY! Do NOT feel bad about that! We are not meant to do anything on our own. The moment we reach out for a helping hand and allow others in, our world changes! We all need eachother! And that's how it should be!

"I can't afford it right now."

I understand money can be tight sometimes and "adulting" can be tough. But when are you going to finally invest in yourself? You deserve it just as much as anyone else does! In this program, you will be given tools to carry with you for the rest of your life! We spend so much money on "weightloss" products these days. They all give you the "solution" to get the weight off and they all have one thing in common: they tell you everything you are doing wrong or what you can't have. STOP investing in their products, and START investing in YOU!!!

"It's not convenient."

Au Contraire!!! True You has been built to make your life easier and for life coaching to be even more accessible than ever before! With the FruiteStreet software, Life Coaching comes right to your phone! You will be able to meet for consulations right in the palm of your hand! Cool right!? But that's not all! This APP will also sync to your Fitbit and allow you to take pictures of your food! This technology personalizes your True You experience even further!

"I've tried other diets, this won't be any different."

Good! I am glad you learned what you don't want! True You is NOT a diet! I am not here to tell you what you can't eat. I am here to help you realize what you can eat! Your nutrition will no longer be a stigma! Get healthy, without all the calorie counting and anxeity of making a mistake. You might be thinking "Uhhh, but what about that chocolate chip cookie you mentioned before, I am going to miss that!" True You does not believe in deprivation. I want to make sure you are living in balance and still enjoying some of your favorite foods! True You IS different, becuase it is NOTHING like what you have done before!

"Will it fit into my work and family obligations?"

I have made sure that this program is as convenient as possible! You will not only learn to manage your current obligations, but also how to fit yourself in as a priority! Get ready to have peaceful balance in your life! 

"I don't like going to the gym."

I agree, gyms can be intimidating and overwhelming! That is why I want to make sure yu are getting active in a way that makes you feel great! Having an active lifestyle is just another component to creating more happiness in your life. LITERALLY! Even the smallest amount of exercise allows your body to produce happy hormones called endorphines! So maybe you don't like the gym, that is okay, becuase we will make sure to find a physical active that you enjoy and can start producing even more happiness throughout your life!

"What is in it for me?"

More like, what isn't? This program is all about you! Get the guidence you NEED to the life you have always wanted! Enjoy creating a sound balance for your mind, body, and soul! Get healthy and happy! Already happy? Have you ever thought about being even happier? I believe you can never be too happy! Get help from someone who truely has your best interest at heart and only wants to see you succeed! Your success IS my success!

"How do I know True You is right for me?"

Ask yourself these question: are you ready to have healthy and happy change for life!? Are you sick of all the fad deiting? Get personalized Life Coaching that does not only focus in on one issue and will make sure you are enjoying your life to the fullest! Get support from the other women in the Healthy, Happy, Life Program who are going through the same process. Share your successes and your struggles, lift one another up, and never feel alone in your journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle!

But how do you really know!?

Well, you know you are ready becuase you ar here! You have been looking for the answer to becoming the True You, and it is finally right in front of you!

So, no more doubts!

You are meant to be healthy! You deserve to be happy! And you are ready to start living your life the way you have always wanted!

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