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life coaching


your best life possible!

Ready to live a balanced lifestyle?

I know you are a go-getter kind of woman and do everything to the best of your ability! But for some reason, you are still feeling lost for time and overwhelmed by your endless to-do list. You are ready to live a life of harmony and balance. One that you are enjoying every day and feel confident in! Let's starting putting your wants and needs to the forefront of your life and have a life that is healthy, happy, and luxurious



What if I told you that living your life to the fullest is possible!?


Hi! My name is Trish!

I am the Owner of True You Health Solutions! True You is a Life Coaching company that was created to help women achieve a full healthy and happy lifestyle! With True You, no dieting is necessary, no counting calories, no ridiculous workout routines; but rather we will create the ultimate balance between work and play that is up to YOUR standards!


As a woman in today’s world,

I know there are many hats we need to wear! We have the smart you, the funny you, the successful you, the social you, the assertive you, the polite you, the sexy you, the motherly you, the confident you, and so much more. Prioritizing all of these can be exhausting and frustrating. Let me help you get your spark back and back to living the life you enjoy the most! Let’s rediscover the “True You”! 



know a little more!

That's ME!

Along with my fur baby, Dany (yes, named after GOT character Daenerys Targaryen). 

I graduated from LaSalle University in May 2011 with a degree in Psychology. It was from there that I knew I was meant to help people in a big way! I continued my education by completing my Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching. For 4 years now, I have been helping people realize their true potential and living life to the fullest!


Some quick facts:

I am a proud Philly girl who loves her sports teams! I have a love-hate relationship with ice cream! I try to spend most of my time outside. I love to people watch! My dream is to visit Australia one day. I am a winter babe and love snowbaording. Coloring books are my jam!

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