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Megan N - "If you're feeling like you find a way t to get you life back on track alone, Trish is an amazing Life Coach that ca help guide your way! Nutrition, fitness, body acceptance, time management, she is able to help aid in a happier you. For me it was much more than that, just talking about my life plans, where I want to be and how I view my life, Trish was able to help me paint a picture that I really wanted to see. She always has helpful suggestions that would get me there. Setting goals every week, and checking in with me to see progress made such a difference! I am much more aware and involved in things that are important to me because of Trish. If you're in any way looking for a helping hand in any aspect of your life,  I urge you to reach out to her! She's awesome!

Katie M - "Trish is such a sweet, knowledgeable, and professional life coach. I felt like I could talk about anything on our calls. My experience with True You was wonderful :)"

Tami DeMarco, ID Life founding partner - "At the time when health issues are significantly rising it's so important for individuals to become self-motivated in advocacy for their own wellbeing. Trish is a super talented and knowledgeable Life Coach. She's a girl after my own foodie heart. Trish couples her extensive training with a keen ability to tune into each individual and guide them at the point of need. I would highly recommend her program to anyone who wants to get healthy and stay that way in a fun way"

Lauren Hannah, Owner & Health Coach - "Trish and I met during a Master Mind we joined back in February 2016 and I’m so glad we did! It was evident from our first chat that she’s a really experienced coach. She’s professional and says it like it is which we all need hear from time to time, particularly when we’re creating and navigating change in our life. That being said, she’s also really warm, friendly and non-judgemental in her approach. She’s helped me gain clarity countless times and has helped me stay on track with my goals and I have no doubt she’ll provide the same for you!"

Lauren J - "Trish from True You Health Solutions taught me that it's okay to seek guidance! Sometimes we all need that extra push to help get us where we want to be in life. It's been extremely beneficial to have someone to talk to whether it be personally or professionally. Over the past year Tricia has helped me juggle my career, some family issues, and drop a dress size."

Abria D - "I have struggled with my dieting and will to excercise ever since I graduated college. I was always very skinny but had a poor diet. After college I started to gain weight while working the everyday 9-5 and began to stress eat. After all of the fade diets (which never worked) or gyms where I felt intimidated, I tried a Life Coach. True You has not only helped me with a goal and meal plans, I have someone I can go to when I feel discouraged. I am lucky to have found such a wonderful Life Coach to get me back to where I want to be. Healthy and Happy."

Colleen E - "I have known this amazing woman all of my life; she is my sister. Trish exemplifies someone who is passionate about people and helping them to realize the best version of themselves. She truly has a gift for this industry that allows those around her to thrive; being an abundant source of encouragement and support is part of her DNA. Her approach goes beyond health coaching, its life coaching. If you are looking for that “ah-ha” moment, you are where you need to be."

Carla L - "Trish from True You is a great Life Coach, she always makes time for you and speaks to you with a calm and positive manner. She wants to see you succeed and achieve all your goals no matter how big or small they may be--she will be your biggest cheerleader! She has constantly motivated me to reach my goals and encourages me day to day to continue the healthy lifestyle that I am living. True You will help you with any lifestyle change that you are looking for whether it be daily advice, nutrition, or exercise. If you want a fun and positive experience, then True You is the place for you!"


real gratitude

empowering women to maximize

their potential and reach their goals.

Cheryl E - "I am a woman in my fabulous 50s. True You has guided me in making better choices in my diet. Trish has motivated me to better physical fitness challenges. I am loving life and loving who and where I am at in it. True You is True Me!"

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