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Your Wellness Status


you do you girl

You made it! You're a carefree yet mindful woman budding with potential, but maybe you need a little guidance. What's next for you, you may ask? Check out what you can do to unblock all that potential.

Just like Zoe you:

Established a wellness routine

Are looking for work/life balance

Explore the benefits of mindfulness

Want health, happiness & abundance in your life

You've dipped your toes in the world of Health and Wellness, but now you're ready to go a little deeper. "But how!?" you might ask. In a world of busy schedules, tiring work days and pressure to focus on others it can be hard to take a step back and really ask yourself where you stand in your own priorities. The thing is, if you let yourself truly hone in on your own wellness SO much will fall into place. You will become more motivated, organized, and energized to take on the world full force. Don't feel guilty for wanting this for yourself because in the end those around you will benefit too.

There is a whole wellness guru bubbling inside you and waiting to come out! It already took incredible amounts of strength and determination to take control of your routine, mentality and general lifestyle. Yet, there still feels like there is so much of your potential to unlock. You are climbing the right mountain, but just need a little extra push to get to the top. There is a life of fulfillment, success and endless productivity awaiting you just by implementing a little more consistency in your life. The truth is, you are surrounded by ample resources, but need the time and energy to allow yourself to feel connected to the joys in your life. Break past that wall and watch your life flourish before you.

The Tips

We want to introduce you to the world of mindfulness. It's time to grow into the woman your were meant to be through some simple, but focused lifestyle changes. This includes not only those face masks and yoga classes you've come to know as self-care, but also taking the time to discover your next set of long-term and short-term goals. It means doing the face masks while considering what is truly in the way of you achieving that dream life you've always wanted. Make a list of priorities, reach out to professionals, and find those around you who are ready to support the change. The biggest thing in your way? Yourself. Get out and claim that dream life. You go girl!

Need a little motivation? 

We recommend the This is Life with Unblocked Potential program.


While you are still welcome to embrace the community of successful women that are going through this program with you, you are also ready to have more one on one time with a team of specialized Coaches. Approach a new way of living at your own convenience and pace. Every tool that this program provides is to support you in letting go of all excuses and fears of giving yourself the time and energy needed to unlock the best version of you.

act fast: only 5 spots!

feel like we read you wrong?

Check out our Wellness Gurus in Training or our Woke Women of Wellness

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