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True You Health Solutions, LLC

True You Health Solutions is a virtual wellness center; created by career-driven women, for career-driven women. Through our coaching programs, our clients are given access to a personal network of wellness professionals and we're currently expanding into the corporate sector.


We create spaces where women are able to freely express themselves and feel completely supported while striving towards their goals. We know how hard you work every single day, which is why wellness shouldn't be something that stresses you out. Make "True You" your wellness safe haven so that you, your team's, and your company's highest potential can continually unfold!

Trish N. Golderer

CEO & Positive Psychology Practitioner

"I started my own wellness company at the age of twenty-five. Now, at thirty-one and looking back, I was able to learn and grow within my industry in so many ways. I worked in the corporate health and wellness industry, the dieting industry, and even the holistic wellness industry. Those experiences gave me the oppo-


rtunity to know what it takes to build an effective wellness program and how impactful a high-quality coaching relationship can be on a person's well-being. I'm passionate about cultivating thriving mindsets within people's individual lives and workplaces!

Mission + Values

At True You, we value equity, communication, and well-being. This is why we feel it's crucial to create supportive work cultures. We're on a mission to help more people in the workplace feel encouraged to authentically express themselves and empowered to produce their best work. True You believes in supporting women and creating spaces for others to support them to produce higher quality work cultures and higher employee job satisfaction. Through the use of proper communication channels and well-being tools, this can be accomplished.


We're expanding our reach of mental and physical wellness. People are spending more hours engrossed in work than their personal life these days, so it's important that our work environments allow our employees to thrive. Through our Well-being Workshops, your company will be able to create more meaningful connections amongst individuals and teams in the workplace. And to continue to reinforce the positive impact of women in the workforce; it’s our vision to focus on companies that are women-owned or have a 51% (plus) women employment base.


Through the use of Positive Psychology and other mindset tools, in a comprehensive workshop setting; employees, managers, chief officers, and the like, will have the opportunity to master skills to enhance their over-all well-being, communication, life satisfaction, productivity, stress management, relationships, creativity, and perspective on problems.

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