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90 Day Balanced

Career Babe




   career babes! 


I hope you had the most magical Holiday ever and that you rang in the New Year with people you love! With a fresh start upon us all, I'm sure you have been thinking about all the things you want to accomplish, change, and have come into fruition. And we can start making all of that a reality! 


Guess what!?

Here at True You, we are about to go into 2018 with some major balance, excitement, and accomplishments! We are super impatient when it comes to our health, happiness, and abundance, so we aren't waiting around another second to start making progress on our goals. It's also not our jam to feel chaotic after the holidays. So me, Coach Trish, and the True You Wellness Team invite you to join us and a select number of other amazing career babes in creating one of the most high vibe and balanced holiday seasons we've ever had!

The 90 Day
Balanced Career Babe

This program is made for the person who is ready to be that career gal who has a game plan, knows how to implement it, and sees results in a matter of 90 days.

If you are anything like I was, the holidays tend to be a bit (or a whole lot) overwhelming. You are running all over the place - from one  christmas party to the next and from store to store. You soon start to realize why it's called the season of giving! You are not only giving just gifts, but also your time, energy, and sanity! 

But can I ask, what did you give yourself during this time?

  • What if all your wants and needs didn't have to be pushed to the side and could start to be created this January?

  • What if you could come off the holiday season feeling 100% motivated to take action on all your goals?

  • What if you could feel like you finally have time you need to do the things you actually want to do this year?

  • What if you could learn how to transform your stress into positive thinking and positive action?

  • What if you could go into this new year feeling energized and revived, and not like you are constantly playing catch up?

  • What if this 2018 could feel as blissful and magical as it does on a snowy holiday night?


All of the goals you're begining to make a list for 2018, can actually become a reality right now - without feeling stressful! No more getting lost in the fad new year resolutions.


It's time to enjoy your life to the fullest, live it the way you always envisioned, and make it the most magical year yet! 

This Life Coaching Program will help you...
  • navigate and create achievable goals.

  • learn how to make them realistic and action driven.

  • feel more calmness in your days

  • be centered with all of your life goals.

  • gained a new life skills each week

  • with becoming a positive solution oriented machine

And the best part... you will be working towards your ideal balanced lifestyle everyday!

No more putting yourself on hold or

thinking you need to wait for the new year.


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Here is what the 90 Day Balanced Career Babe
program consists of...
  • 90 Day Program Oritentation + Weekly Guide

    • Weekly Audios, introducing different topics and life skills to guide you along your 90 day journey​

  • The 90 Day Balanced Career Babe Workbook​

    • this workbook will assist you in setting and staying on top of all your goals over the coarse of this program.​

  • Weekly Life Coaching Sessions

    • ​One 60 minute Initial Strategy Session to create your 90 Day Vision​

    • ​15 minute Goal Setting Sessions over the corse of 12 weeks​

    • Think of these sessions like speed dating, where we get to the point and set realistic goals to work on each week!

  • Wellness Team Coaching

    • You will get your choice of 1 extra coach from True You's wellness team to work with on a bi-weekly basis. 

    • 6 thirty minute sessions with 1 of the Wellness Team Members :: Dietitian Counseling :: Personal Training ::  Meditation Instructor ::

  • Group Coaching​

    • 3 group coaching sessions (once a month) where you will be able to ask all of your healthy, happy, luxe life questions!​

    • All True You team members will be on the group call to answer your questions.

  • Invitation to A Private Facebook Group

    • This will be a private group for only those who are enrolled in your 90 day coaching cycle.​

    • This facebook group is to be utilize as a safe place for balanced career babes to gain extra motivation, accountability, and support.

    • Challenges and Contest will also take place!

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Bring the

* magic *

of the holidays

to your life

all year round

Give yourself the gift of...

health, happiness, 

& abundance

for this special

holiday edition you will be getting it at such a discounted price!

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payment option #1

one payment of

$900.00 USD

* SAVE $50.00 *


(1) work/life balance check list

(2) yes accountability chart

(3) happiness journal

payment option #2

five payments of

$190.00 USD


if this feels better for your budget


(1) work/life balance check list

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