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True You Health Solutions is a virtual wellness center; created by career-driven women, for career-driven women. Through our coaching programs, you will be given access to a personal network of wellness professionals. You will be given your own life coach, registered dietitian, personal trainer, meditation instructor, and yoga teacher. 


This is a space where you'll be able to freely express yourself and feel completely supported while striving towards any goal. We know how hard you work every single day, which is why your wellness shouldn't be something that stresses you out. Make "True You" your wellness safe haven and watch your highest potential continually unfold!


what you say,

are in harmony

is when what you think,

and what you do

- Mahatma Gandhi -


It's your girl, Coach Trish, and I'd love

to get real for a sec.

Let's get real about your wellness.

Wellness is so much more than green juices, motivational quotes, and workouts in the dark. Wellness is about living well by knowing how to thrive and how to cultivate joy on a consistent basis. Wellness is about your body and mind feeling energized in order to do everything that's important to you. Wellness is about knowing you deserve to live your best life by focussing on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Wellness is the key to getting through the hardest moments in your life and knowing how to optimize each good moment. Wellness is the secret to unlocking your most fulfilled life!


I want to WELCOME you to True You; where we put your personal health, happiness, and abundance first!




 Let's connect if anything below resonates!


 :: working your a$$ off to build a successful career in exchange for a 

    richer lifestyle and would love extra support in maintaining that.

:: searching for more joy and fulfillment in your day-to-day.

:: letting the stress and overwhelm of perfectionism run your life

   and would like to get out of that cycle. 

:: not as confident as you once were and it's holding you back.

:: feeling disconnected from the lifestyle and/or career you desire.

:: ready to tap even further into you're strengths and fullest potential.

:: done with feeling bored at work and only living for the weekend.

:: excited to collaborate with a team of professional women who will 

   help elevate your wellness.

:: up for discovering how much you're truly capable of.

   (mentally, physically, spiritually, and monetarily)

:: sick of feeling tired and unmotivated.

:: over letting the things that are important to you be consistently

   pushed to the side.

:: more than willing to start putting your health, happiness,

   and abundance first.





“You were born to be healthy, you deserve to be happy, and you are meant to feel abundant!”

- Trish N Golderer

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Megan N - "If you're feeling like you want to find a way to get your life back on track, Trish is an amazing Life Coach who can help guide your way! Nutrition, fitness, body acceptance, time management, she is able to help aid in a happier you. For me it was much more than that, just talking about my life plans, where I want to be and how I view my life, Trish was able to help me paint a picture that I really wanted to see. She always has helpful suggestions that would get me there. Setting goals every week, and checking in with me to see progress made such a difference! I'm much more aware and involved in things that are important to me because of Trish. If you're, in any way, looking for a helping hand in any aspect of your life,  I urge you to reach out to her! She's awesome!"

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